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San Diego Pool Cleaning | Swimming Pools & Spas

     Quality, Comprehensive Pool Service

Our weekly pool and spa cleaning begins with our Six-Step Process that covers everything from checking and balancing of water, to skimming leaves. Our technicians are educated on all brands of swimming pool equipment so we check and maintain equipment as part of our routine service. Every six months we perform pool filter cleaning where we completely break down, inspect, and clean the filter.

     Structured Pool Cleaning Service

We have found that communication ensures quality pool service. University Pools provides all customers with:

  • Post-Service Notifications: Inform customers of completed pool service;
  • Monthly Pool Status Reports: Provide details of the health & functionality of the pool; and,
  • Pool Service Quarterly Newsletters: Providing the latest updates on pool service news.

Swimming Pool Maintenance & Repairs

     Let Us Diagnose And Solve Your Pool Equipment or Service Related Problems

University Pools of San Diego provides quality pool repair services at an affordable price. As part of our Repair Over Replacement policy, we always exhaust all options to save you the cost of new equipment.

     Free Estimates on Services and Repairs

We provide free estimates and can even offer same day service. No matter the problem, we have encountered it and are capable of providing a solution.

     Save With Energy Efficient Upgrades

University Pools educates customers on upgrade options that can lower electricity usage, and thus your monthly energy bill. Examples are the installation of LED lights, variable speed pumps, and solar covers.

Swimming Pool Acid Washing & Chlorine Washing

When a pool is not maintained, algae growth and stains can occur. Depending upon the severity of the growth and/or stains, either a chlorine or an acid wash can be used to restore your pool to its original beauty. Learn more about the treatment of green algae, black algae and various types of stains, and their respective treatments, on our Acid Washing Green To Clean page.

Pool and Spa Cleaning Service

Pool & Spa Cleaning Services

Full Cleaning, Chemical and Equipment Maintenance. Same-Day Service Available! On Each Service We...

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Equipment Repairs & Upgrades

Equipment Repairs & Upgrades

If It's Broken We'll Fix It or Replace It! Educated On All Pool Equipment including Jandy, Hayward, Raypak...

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Acid Washing & Clean-Ups

Acid Washing & Clean-Ups

Green Pool? Stained Plaster? No Problem. A Drain and an Acid or Chlorine Wash Will Do the Trick! Same-Day Service Available!

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Clients Reviews of University Pools - Pool Service & Repair

I had the same pool guy for ten years until he moved out of state, I hired a new guy and he not only failed to show up sometimes, but he did an exceedingly poor job when he DID show up. So needless to say, I reluctant to hire another pool guy after the last one turned out to be such a disaster, however, Cortland has exceeded my expectations by far to the extent that i felt obliged to write this review. my pool has never looked so good since he has taken it over, not even when i had my old pool guy of ten years! I would certainly recommend him to anyone!
By Shane G.

Hands down, University Pools has done a outstanding service in maintaining my pool and equipment. Would highly recommend them to everyone. 
By Robert H.

I was in need of a new pool service I called Daniel he answered the phone and showed up the same day and took care of my pool issues. Great service!!!
By John Schnieder


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