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How to: Pool Acid Washing Service

Disclaimer: We do not recommended pool owners to preform a pool acid wash service. Please contact your local pool service professional who is trained and experienced in pool acid washing. You risk permanent damage to the integrity of the pool, plaster and equipment if a pool acid wash service is preformed improperly. This how-to blog is a general outline of how University Pools preforms a pool acid washing service and by no means a full guide on how to preform a successful pool acid wash.

Supplies used by University Pools for a Pool Acid Washing:

  1. Submersible pool pump with hose
  2. Muriatic acid
  3. Plastic watering can
  4. Deck scrub brush 
  5. Face mask/respirator
  6. Acid washing soap
  7. Garden hose 

Step 1: Shut off pool equipment including pool pumps, automation, auto-fillers etc.

It is pertinent that you thoroughly review that everything is turned off. You risk having the pool pump run dry if the automation/timer system turns it on which could potentially burn up the motor. Also, turn off any auto-fillers to avoid any water waste.

Step 2: Drain the pool with a submersible pool pump

Check the local laws to ensure that you drain your pool legally. In San Diego it is legal to drain into the storm drain granted that the water meets certain conditions:
1. Be water only (cannot carry debris or vegetation with it),
2. Be dechlorinated,
3. Have an acceptable pH of 7-8,
4. Have no algae present (no “green” present),
5. Contain no chemicals to counteract the chlorine,
6. Contain no hydrogen peroxide based products,
7. Be a flow that is controlled so it doesn’t cause any erosion problems.

If your water doesn’t meet the above conditions please contact your local water district for instruction.

For more information about the legalities of draining, filter cleaning, acid washing and back washing into storm drains visit the link below:

Step 3: Thoroughly clean the walls and bottom of the pool to prepare for acid washing.

It is important that the pool surface be clean and free from any debris including algae that could inhibit the effect of the acid. To remove algae from a pool we use a garden hose with a straight shooting nozzle and spray the pool down. Depending on the severity of the algae spraying it down may not remove everything off the wall. At this point it may need to be brushed down and if that doesn’t work it may need a chlorine wash before the acid becomes effective.

Step 4: Put on face mask/respirator and mix a ~50:50 solution of muriatic acid, acid washing soap and water in the plastic watering can.

The strength of the mixture varies depending on the severity of the stains on the plaster.

Step 5: Wet the area then begin to pour the acid solution starting at the top of the plaster making sure it is distributed evenly. Once you’ve poured a few feet of the wall use the deck scrub brush to scrub the area. Let the acid solution sit on the wall for up to 30 seconds then spray the area down with your garden hose. Repeat this step until the whole pool is evenly acid washed.

Depending on the severity of the stains will determine how many pours is required to remove any stains and renew the plaster. When treating heavily stained plaster extra caution is required to prevent the acid from over treating areas of the plaster that the acid solution is more likely to flow.


If you’re looking for an experienced, trained and professional company to preform a pool acid wash in the Greater San Diego area please give University Pools a call today! We are based out of La Mesa 92115 but we service City of San Diego, East County, Chula Vista, Santee, La Jolla, etc.

If for some reason you’re still not convinced you want to hire University Pools to acid wash your pool in La Mesa or the surrounding areas then view some of our successful pool acid washes.