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You May be Wondering, How Do I Maintain My Pool Myself or Should I Hire a Pool Cleaning Service?

If you have the time to spend learning how to properly clean and maintain your pool then maybe not. However, there is much more to maintaining a pool then simply skimming with a net and pouring in some chlorine every once in a while. If your pool isn’t properly maintained on a weekly basis there can be detrimental and expensive consequences.

Things a Pool Cleaning Service Maintains that Homeowners Can Miss:

1. Proper maintenance of the pH
I cannot tell you how many times I’ve come out to bid a pool acid wash on a pool that a homeowner takes care of to find the whole pool covered in calcium build-up
High pH for an extended period of time causes mineral build-up on pool plaster and tile. This
mineral build-up causes the plaster to become rough and rigid. It makes for an unpleasant swimming experience and it can harm childrens’ feet when swimming.

pool with no pool cleaning service

Plaster damage due to low pH

Low pH for an extended period of time causes etching in the plaster. It significantly reduces the lifespan of the plaster because the acidic water is slowly eating away at it. Similar to high pH it makes the plaster very rough, it can get so bad that your whole pool feels like 50-grit sandpaper.
A professional and knowledge pool cleaning service provider checks and adjusts the pH every week to keep it in the ideal range of 7.4-7.6

2. Losing prime on the pool pump
I have replaced many pumps because the pump lost prime, kept running dry on the timer for a few days and eventually got burned out.
This can be caused by multiple different things such as:
Low water level, this is the most obvious one but it is also the most common. A simple solution to this is an automatic filler or a diffuser valve in the skimmer. Unfortunately, both of these can break leaving the pump at risk for running dry. If the water gets low and your pump runs dry it is at the highest risk for burning out because no water at all will be running through it.
With a pool cleaning service providing maintenance to your pool once a week they will ensure your water level is where it needs to be and inform you if it is otherwise. Also, a pool cleaning service checks the equipment such as the auto-fill and diffuser valve to make sure your pool stays filled and is safe if it runs low.
Air-leak in plumbing, depending on the severity of the leak it can cause your pump to lose prime. I have never had a pump burn out because of an air-leak because some water can still flow through it but it does present other problems. The plumbing on the inlet and outlet of the pump often get melted and require replumbing. The pool water will not be filtered properly making your pool water unsafe for swimming. A pool repair and pool cleaning service company can quickly diagnose and repair an air leak in your plumbing. It might take someone without experience hours of scrambling to figure it out when a qualified pool repair technician could diagnose it and properly repair it very efficiently.
Failed Pump Seal can also cause a loss in pump prime. To replace the seals and gaskets requires complete disassembly of the pump. It is highly recommended that you allow a professional pool repair service to preform this work because the pump can be damaged if assembled incorrectly. All professional and qualified pool cleaning service companies offer these types of pool repair services.

pool cleaning service replacing pump seal

Pump disassembled while replacing the pump seal


3. Removal of Phosphates in Pool Water
Phosphates are basically food for algae. They accumulate in pool water over time from organic debris such as leaves, grass clippings and soil falling into the pool. If these phosphates reach a high level and aren’t removed then the pool becomes extremely difficult to maintain. The pool will require much more chemicals and labor(brushing) in order to keep algae free and safe for swimming. A pool cleaning service company will check the phosphate levels frequently and add phosphate remover as needed.

Hire University Pools as your Pool Cleaning Service Provider

Our pool cleaning service technicians here at University Pools are qualified and equipped to keep your pool algae free and equipment fully functioning year round. Each one of our technicians carries all the chemicals necessary to keep your chlorine, pH, phosphate and conditioner levels where they’re supposed to be. We also carry all the tools and common parts to make any repairs required on-site and on the same-day. If we can’t do it the same-day we’ll come out the next day and take care of it. We make each one of our clients and their pools a priority. We understand how important it is to have a pool cleaning service provider that has the time and knowledge to take care of you and your pools individual needs.
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