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Pool and Spa Service

What Makes Our Weekly Pool and Spa Cleaning Service in San Diego UNIQUE?

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  • Weekly pool and spa cleaning service is most of our business so we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service.
  • Your pool and spa is a large investment so it’s crucial to have a professional, responsible and educated technician taking care of it.
  • We are educated on all pool equipment old and new, “if there was a Masters Degree for pool service we would have it!” Check out our blog for info on the latest equipment.

On Every Cleaning We Perform All Of The Following Services:

➀  Check and Balance Water

    ◆  Chlorine
    ◆  Cyanuric Acid (Conditioner)
    ◆  Alkalinity
    ◆  Hardness of Water
    ◆  pH (Acid & Soda Ash)

➁  Skim Surface & Net Leaves

➂  Vacuum Bottom, Steps & Walls

➃  Brush Steps & Walls

➄  Empty Pump & Skimmer Baskets

➅  Check & Test Equipment

University Pools: Superior Spa and Pool Cleaning Services

The convenience of having your own pool is amazing. However, to keep it sparking clean and to squeeze every last bit of enjoyment out of it, you must make sure that it is properly maintained. If you don’t make an effort to maintain your pool on a regular basis, your filters will break, your water will be dirty, and your pool will be unusable.

Thankfully, if you are in the Greater San Diego area, University Pools can take care of all your pool and spa related needs. Our mission is to provide our customers with quality commercial and residential swimming pool and spa maintenance, repair and management services.

To carry through with our commitment to high quality service, we perform the following services on every visit:

  • Check and balance the water
  • Vacuum the steps, bottom, and walls
  • Net leaves and skim the surface
  • Brush walls and steps
  • Check and test equipment
  • Empty skimmer baskets and pump

Benefits of a Pool Cleaning Service

Because of the amount of time, effort, and experience required to do a proper pool cleaning, consider enlisting the services of the professional pool cleaners at University Pools for your maintenance needs. Some of the benefits of our professional pool and spa cleaning service include:

Extra time: Many of us lead busy lives; just taking care of the needs of our families and work related responsibilities can leave us pressed for time. When you hire our company to take care of your pool service needs, you can spend more time doing the things that you love.

Experience: Our employees are extensively trained to ensure that your pool gets the expert treatment it needs to remain in optimum condition.

Longer lasting pool and/or spa: When you maintain your spa and/or pool regularly, they will last longer and require less major maintenance in the future.